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Outdoor painted cladding

Cladding installation is the final stage of house construction. Wooden ventilated façade may be made from larch, spruce, pine or thermowood cladding.  Sometimes it might be made as modern solution – combination of wood with concrete, bricks or stones.

Cladding from spruce (pine) is one of the economical solutions for facades. Larch planken is in the middle price segment. And if you choose thermowood cladding, which is most stable, your façade will be clearly in premium segment.

Traditionally in Russia people and construction companies buy wooden cladding without painting. In practice they do it not because of economical reasons. They just don’t know about of availability painted cladding on the market.

Buying painted cladding you can solve a range of problems, like:External wooden cladding

  • what paint should choose; 
  • should paint before installation or after;
  • how should prepare surface before painting;
  • where you can find professionals for painting on construction site;
  • how long coating will be work
  • when facade will be need of repairing
  • etc.

A lots of these questions are prompted us to organize production of painted wooden external cladding


Teknos paints and varnishes

In production we use finnish coating solutions TEKNOS. Together with TEKNOS technicians we chose optimal equipment for sanding, brushing and spraying. It helps to us achieved of excellent quality of our products.


Painting technology (translucent/opaque):

  • Sanding or brushing (metal/synthetic brush)
  • Primer application by spraying AQUA PRIMER 2907 / TEKNOL 1881
  • Application of first layer varnish AQUATOP 2600 (matt or semigloss) / paint HORDICA EKO 3330-03
  • Intermediate sanding
  • Application of second layer varnish AQUATOP 2600 (matt or semigloss) / paint HORDICA EKO 3330-03
  • Packaging with foamed film for protect cladding during transportation

Direct following of technology allows to us to tell about of estimated maintenance period 8-12 yeas (see climatic test report). Based on this knowledge and our practice experience we easily give 3-5 years warranty on our coating. More detailed information about painting process you can find under the link.


Pictures of painting cladding

External wooden cladding Painted larch planken Outdoor cladding


Price of painted cladding

Cost of the painted cladding is consist of three main parts: wood itself, paints and work. Type and sort of wood makes the main contribution to the self-price of cladding (30-80%). Cost of paint and work is relatively constant value. For example, price for thermoash wood in 10 times higher than normal spruce.

Cladding "Scandinavian style"

Cladding "Planken"

Cladding "Beam imitation"

На фото изображен Профиль UYV фасадной доски Скандинавский стиль На фото изображен профиль Косой планкен На фото изображен Профиль Имитации бруса

Price from 690 RUR/m2

Price from 1340 RUR/m2

Price from 1290 RUR/m2


Cladding sizes

According to Finnish rules, linear sizes (width and thickness) should correlate to each other. Relation between thickness and width should be no more then 1:6. In such geometry wood itself is more or less stable. Thickness of wooden planks should be more than 20 mm. If correlation of thickness and width is more than 1:6 we recommend to paint back side of cladding too.


Cladding installation

We can consult you about theory of cladding installation and you can do it yourself. By request, we can do cladding installation by our professional workers. Our experienced workers have all needed skills and knowledge. They use professional tools and fittings for perfect result.